Packing and shipping (ourselves included)

After spending a long-ish time looking for a moving company that doesn’t charge a fortune, we settled for sending our stuff by Chine Post.

We went to the post office with 3, 20 Kg suitcases, only to be told we can only send objects in boxes and not in suitcases. That was quite annoying… mainly because we’re going to have to send at least 10 such boxes, which is going to end up more expensive than sending the same total weight in fewer containers. But, to be honest, at this point i don’t care – i just want to ship everything out as soon as possible.

In any case, 3 boxes have been shipped and we’re going to get a few boxes a week through. Some things are going to be left behind of course…. Our beloved vacuum cleaner being the first casualty of the selection process. If anyone’s looking to buy an as-good-as-new vacuum cleaner, give me a call.

On a slightly more exciting note, preparations for shipping ourselves are also in progress! Two tickets from Pudong to Hanoi have been booked! Leaving SH on July 26th, 22:10 and arriving to Hanoi at 1 am on the 27th. Feels like this is really happening, watch this spot.



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