On the trailing edge of China

Last days of work, last days of life here, and it’s getting to the point where i really want to leave it behind me.

I don’t like these periods in life, when you are just waiting for something to end. I’d much rather get it over with quick and clean: like removing a band-aid. But i guess I will have to endure.

It’s not that I don’t like SH. Quite the opposite! But it would be good to just disappear tomorrow morning. Especially as this is the time of year when people are starting to float away anyway – traveling, visiting home and the like. And Rugby is pretty much done too, so that’s another focal point of my life that isn’t really there.

In the mean while, shipping our stuff is almost over. The post office branch near my office agreed to send suitcases instead of boxes. They just pop each suitcase into a mailbag. Hope our stuff reaches Israel…

Two more weeks, to the day, until we land in Hanoi. Two more weeks of Shanghai. And, undoubtedly, a few more hangovers lurking in my immediate future.

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