Last few days in China were a hectic attempt to get everything in order. The main problem was that every time we thought we have everything figured out, another problem reared its head.

First, it was my passport which was held with the Chinese authorities until the very last moment. Then,  understanding my last salary isn’t going to come into my account until… well until now. After that, we learned that RMB is not that easy to convert to USD and feared that will be a problem (turns out it really wasn’t. Not for small amounts at least) It was all quite stressful.

It wasn’t all bad, to be honest. Had a few goodbye events, all were really good. It’s sad to make friends and them leave them behind. It’s a very old story for any expat though. A veritable cornerstone of the lifestyle.

We are now in Hanoi. We’ve been here since yesterday morning and have been walking about, not too impressed. Maybe it’s the sticky weather, or maybe just that we are tired. We should have started all this Asian wandering roasting on a beach, moving for no one but the pineapple salesperson. Travelling is a learning experience, we are bound to get the hang of it as we go along. We’ll just have to wait and see. Next destination: Sapa.

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  1. can relate so well to the difficulty of leaving friends behind. 🙁
    enjoy your trip, rest and have fun. XXX

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